Nite Hawk Woodcrafts

by Stephen

Handmade Penitentiary Tools

Shown below are some of the tools I used for woodwork while incarcerated. I still use some of the tools today. No power tools or equipment was allowed. All my work is done 100% by hand.

woodwork tools numbered 2 a.JPG (145280 bytes)

Name of Tools

A. Speed Square I. Drill #4
B. Drill #1 J. Knife
C. Exacto Style Knife K. Clamp
D. Drill L. Splitter #2
E. Razor Blade Saw #1 M. Splitter #3
F. Razor Blade Saw #2 N. Splitter #4
G. Drill #2 O. Sanding Block (side view)
H. Drill #3 Hole Saw P. Sanding Block (top view)

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